NFL DR is Completely Transferred Over

With finally coming back up after a more-than 48 hour outage, I was able to transfer over all of the previous posts from the previous site to our current site (right here)–past posts can be accessed via the archive calendar or by viewing category archives.

And with that, NFL DR is 100 percent up and running once again. Barring a few tweaks here and there as the site is improved to make NFL DR more visually appealing and streamlined for reading, we’re here to stay and there are a few features to check out.

  • Our new site features an excellent search engine, allowing for a look up of all articles mentioning a team or player. It’s simple to use, just type in whatever you’re looking for under the “Search NFL DR” label in the box.
  • Our mock drafts page is back, viewable as a tab on every page, and will soon be updated with the first ever NFL Draft Reports Mock feature.
  • The full 2013 NFL Draft order has been posted as another page, and can be accessed via the tabs on top of every page as well. That page includes the latest trades and the recently released compensation picks.
  • There is now the option to follow NFL DR via email, with a message sent for each new post on our site. Simply scroll down on the right sidebar and type your email address in and you’ll join our newsletter list!

If you’re looking for more information on NFL DR or myself, check out our About NFL Draft Reports page, which can be accessed here via link or in the above tabs on every page.

Thanks for reading and I’m hoping you’ll keep reading as NFL DR brings more draft coverage every day.


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