Ryan Nassib a “Young Drew Brees” According to Cosell

By this point in the process leading up to the draft, it’s become clear that NFL Films guru Greg Cosell is considering Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib is his highest ranked quarterback in the draft, higher than both West Virginia’s Geno Smith and Stanford’s Matt Barkley.

Cosell makes a living off of watching game film for top-ranked quarterbacks’ college performances. The big positives you can get out of this are Cosell’s reference to “accuracy and ball location” as well as similar “anticipation” to Brees back in his days with San Diego.

Nassib doesn’t have dominant arm strength, and he’s clearly taller than Brees, so the lack of height problems are nonexistent here. Nassib is nowhere close to cracking the top-ten or even top-fifteen in April’s draft, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say a team could take Nassib in the waning picks of the first-round.

For the full story, see Cosell’s interview on The John Murphy Show.


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