Wednesday Links of the Day

Today had a few more interesting tid-bits of information on the web heading up to the draft.

Here’s a short summary:

  • NFL Films’ Greg Cosell chimes in again, this time concerning Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien on the Rich Eisen Podcast. Cyprien is extremely athletic, even for a safety, and Cosell believes he may be the most talented safety in the 2013 draft class. He also predicts that Cyprien likely won’t be the first safety off the board, with Texas’ Kenny Vaccaro the likely candidate. Cosell specifically cites Cyprien’s interception early in the below video as being a cross between extreme athleticism and Ed Reed-like anticipation and knowledge of the game.
  • South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore had an eventful day, as he impressed scouts and coaches alike with his recovery from injury:
  • Matt Barkley’s pro day at USC didn’t prove to be much of a change in his draft stock–most scouts said he looked “average” and that while he proved to be healthy some scouts still came away unimpressed.
  • Ian Rapaport insists that SMU pass-rusher won’t make it past the first-round before being selected due to his quickness and burst off the line. Many mock drafts disagree, as most mocks we’ve seen don’t have Hunt in the first-round (excluding’s Daniel Jeremiah).

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