Geno Smith Fires Back at Nawrocki Report

It didn’t take long for Geno Smith to respond to the very negative posts of Nolan Nawrocki on Pro Football Weekly’s website.

Smith and former West Virginia quarterbacks coach Jake Spavital (current Texas A&M quarterbacks coach) answered Nawrocki’s analysis of Smith’s personality and playing style with flat denials of most accusations.

Smith called the allegations against his work ethic, knowledge of the game, and overall skills as being “untrue in all things” when speaking to USA Today’s Jim Corbett.

Among the positive comments by Spavital, he mentioned how he thought Smith would step in and make an impact as a rookie due to his “personality” while citing him as “competitive” and “passionate.” Spavital also said that he thought Smith was more prepared than Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, who Spavital coached in his time with Oklahoma State.

It’s noticeable that Smith spoke out in the middle of reports that he’s had meetings with Kansas City officials, but it’s not unexpected with the level of negativity included in Nawrocki’s analysis of Smith as an NFL prospect.

To read more about Smith and Spavital, see Jim Corbett’s piece for USA Today.

For more on Nawrocki’s criticisms of Smith, see our previous post here.


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