Mike Mayock Says Nawrocki Claims Have Proof

A new twist has emerged in the Geno Smith story that has been ongoing for the past several days.

Mere days after Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki posted a scathing analysis of Geno Smith’s abilities and personality and Smith responded to Nawrocki’s claims, Mike Mayock has sounded off on Smith to the public.

And overall, it’s once again a negative review of Smith’s prospects as an NFL quarterback.

Mayock takes a different approach with his criticism in this piece featured on NBC’s Pro Football Talk.

Much of Mayock’s claims concern Smith’s pocket presence and ball security–the specific stats he cites over 30 career fumbles and five sacks versus Texas this past season only in the first half–combine with poor decision making and inconsistent accuracy to form a potentially fatal combination in the NFL.

With Kyle Orton-esque tendencies to stare down a singular receiver and deep throws to wide open receivers that are often off target, Smith could have problems succeeding at a professional level where open receivers are much rarer to find and decision making is more important.

Mayock isn’t the first analysts to take shots at Smith’s consistency on the field with deep passes and decision making.

ESPN’s Merril Hoge has similar concerns, to the point that he claims Smith doesn’t exhibit qualities of a first-round quarterback.

Falcons release Tyson Clabo

The Falcons are reportedly about to release offensive tackle Tyson Clabo, one of the top tackles in the league. The plan as of right now is to head forward with second-year tackle Lamar Holmes manning the right tackle position, which is quite a risk seeing as he played only seven snaps as a rookie in 2o12.

This should make the market a bit more interesting, as Clabo joins a market that already includes ex-Bengal Andre Smith and ex-Chief Eric Winston as top tackles still on the market leading up to the draft. Teams that miss out on a first-round tackle may look to the trio as a veteran pick up.

JaMarcus Russell may be generating interest in comeback attempt

CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman writes about ex-Raiders bust JaMarcus Russell possibly drawing genuine interest from teams after reports emerged that he has lost weight and is sincere in attempts to make the NFL once again. According to Freeman, there is a “good chance he gets a second shot” and that a “number of teams” have been following Russell’s progress.

The big-armed multi-million dollar bust could be a long shot addition to several quarterback-needy teams’ rosters.


2 Comments on “Mike Mayock Says Nawrocki Claims Have Proof”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Think JaMarcus Russell can pull it off? Lots of QB starved teams that could show interest. He might perfect the circus we like to call the Jets QB corps.

    • He would certainly make a hilarious addition to the Jets.

      In all seriousness, if Pat White signed with the Redskins I see no reason why Russell can’t latch on with a team–unless he demands too much money, demands an immediate shot at starter or proves a locker room/practice field nuisance.

      A team like Jacksonville, Oakland, or even Tennessee could bring in Russell as competition or insurance with the hopes he shows something in camp. I’m not a believer in Gabbert, Flynn or Locker (especially with Locker’s injury history).

      Of anything, it could prove to be very interesting.

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