Latest Workout Likely to Hurt California Receiver Keenan Allen Draft Stock

Keenan Allen probably won’t enjoy the next several weeks leading up to the NFL Draft.

Recovering from a PCL injury last fall, Allen opted not to perform at the NFL Combine and much of the Golden Bears’ pro day earlier this offseason. In his first attempts at the 40-yard dash, Allen was timed at 4.71 and 4.75–drastically worse times than anybody expected.

The knee is supposedly 100 percent good-to-go, even if some of the muscles are not fully healed yet–meaning the long road to recovery may lead some scouts to believe Allen will have a tough time with NFL-level wear and tear.

Allen has many things that scouts look for in a receiver–ideal size at 6’2″ and 206 lbs, sure hands, good route running and unusual consistency for a college product.

He’s never been considered a speed guy or a deep threat, but these times are very worrying, especially when you consider most tracks outside of the combine have a few ticks (.03-.05) added to times to make up for faster surfaces.

For comparison Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert (4.68), Stanford tight end Zach Ertz (4.75) and Florida tight end Jordan Reed (4.72) ran either faster or similar 40 times at the Combine. NFL teams will be concerned about a receiver who can’t outrun tight ends on the field.

Allen has the tools be a contributor on the field from the start, as he’s extremely polished for his age, but these times will worry scouts both about his athleticism and increase injury concerns heading into the draft later this month.

The question everybody is asking now: will this be enough to push Allen from the first-round?


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