Jon Gruden Claims Landry Jones was “Bored” and “Complacent” at Oklahoma

Landry Jones may have been a top quarterback at one point, but those days have clearly passed.

Jon Gruden claims in an ESPN insider piece the main reason Jones has dropped from the top is that he wasn’t challenged enough in his past two seasons at Oklahoma–the Sooner’s playing style supposedly led to Jones looking like “a player who got bored” and a player that “got complacent” over his junior and senior campaigns.

That’s not to say Gruden 100 percent doesn’t like Jones. In fact, as seen in conversations with Jones, Gruden admires the quarterback for handling the Oklahoma up-beat offense well.

The biggest rap against Jones is that he plays inconsistently–something Mike Mayock agrees with Jon Gruden on. Mayock’s quote from an earlier article sums it up:

“I’ve seen him make all the throws, but like a lot of this year’s quarterbacks, there is no consistency with this kid.”

It’s shaping up that Jones will likely be a mid-round pick. There’s been little in the news about Jones since the combine (in which he displayed below-average athleticism, even for a quarterback), but the Sooner has drawn several workouts–including one from the Bills last month.

Buffalo’s involvement is interesting to say the least, as the K-Gun influences that are rumored to be in the works for the Bills offense would require a quarterback who’s familiar with an up-tempo, no-huddle play style–something that Jones is very familiar with. Even if new head coach Doug Marrone’s coaching staff decides to take an early-round quarterback (such as Geno Smith or Ryan Nassib), there is a legitimate chance they could do something similar to the Redskins last season (who liked Kirk Cousins enough to make him a fourth-round pick after selecting Robert Griffin III at second-overall).

Still, scouts and coaches will have to overlook Jones’ past two seasons (capped by a poor performance in January’s Cotton Bowl loss to Texas A&M) if they’re going to advise their team to take Jones as more than simply a late-round flier.

For more from Gruden’s QB Camp with Landry Jones, see the video below, in which Gruden focuses heavily on the fast-paced offensive attack of Oklahoma.


4 Comments on “Jon Gruden Claims Landry Jones was “Bored” and “Complacent” at Oklahoma”

  1. Scot Hickerson says:

    IF your going to report on something dont take it out of context and report it accurately.. I read the whole Jon Gruden article and the the whole thing about Jones being board was that he tried to do too much and should have taken easier check downs and underneath stuff which he said Jones found boring.. He said that one of Jones problems was he needed to give up on plays and he tried to do to much and relied on his arm talent too much. He had a lot of praise for Jones.. Said that the more you studied his body of work the more impressed you were, that he performed at a really High level for a really long time. He criticized OU offense and play calling.. To say teams should ignore his last too years is stupid and it is not like Jones Sucked His Junior or Senior year they were both statistically better than Geno in a lot of ways.. You dont gripe at a Payton Manning for going from 4700 yards to 4400 yards and 4200 yards and 30 plus TD’s a year.. Jones attempts went down as OU defense got worse. Gruden said he was impressed with Jones Athleticism more that he thought hed be and his ability to extend plays.. Gruden said he would be very good the in the NFL.. The CBS Sports leaves the wrong impression that Jones heart wasnt in it.. He just needed to be more cautious and not neglect the basics and needed to do check downs more. The main thing was that all of that could be fixed.. Jones is going to be a first to second round pick he is too good to be some mid round back up behind guys who didnt come close to his level in college and didnt complete 60% He wont make it past San Diego in the second..

    • I’m not quite sure where you’re getting the idea that Jones will go in the second-round at the latest. Why would San Diego take him in the second when many teams don’t even have him on their board? It’s the same argument made by some concerning running back Chris Polk last year (who went undrafted).

      I did say “the Sooner’s playing style” led to the comments above, so I agree that Oklahoma’s offensive play calling led to Jones’ lesser performance over the past season and the comments from Gruden that he was “bored.”

      Of anything, the comments made by Gruden won’t affect many people’s views of Jones heading into the draft. However, at the same time scouts have seen the lack of want to check down–which in the right vertical offense is sometimes encouraged–but will often lead to trouble at the professional level.

      Thanks for the read Scot.

      • Scot Hickerson says:

        How do you know teams don’t have him on their board? There are to many teams who need QB’s and too many teams who need up grades at QB’s. This time of year you cant believe what teams say because more often than not it’s not correct they put out false information on players that they want so they will fall to them What Gruden basically said in his article is that Landry has no fatal flaws. He doesn’t fold under pressure he just did not give up on plays and check down …A Simple Coaching fix Landry out performed every QB in this class in college by far an above and is much more accurate.than most. Jones is bigger with the arm strength of Glennon and Bray with 66% accuracy and more accuracy in intermediate and medium range passes.. Geno manuel and Barkly are accurate at shorter passes.. Grudens Article on Gen Smith said that Most of Geno’s passes where short and screens that he had the least amount of Air Yards.. Teams will Know all this ..George Whitfield has been in touch with four GM’s who all love Landry dont be surprised when Landry is top 10 in the first… He deserves it.. Landry is the most underrated player and Maligned player coming out of college in along time.. I am going to be laughing when a whole lot of media people have to eat Crow. Gruden Said that Jones was a CEO type QB at talked to him about Brady the Mannings and Drew Brees.. Jones is the best ever all time in the Big twelve and the big twelve has had 7 first round QB’s in the last .6 years.. This year there will be two more Geno and Jones…

      • Dan Allen says:

        There is absolutely no way Landry Jones will be a top-ten pick.

        Yes, there is an off-hand chance he could be a first-round pick, even if it’s unlikely. It’s not even a matter of talent, it’s that he’s not regarded as a top pick and thus even teams that desire to draft him would take him as high as a top-ten pick.

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