Concerns About Ogletree and Lotulelei in the NFL

It seems that as the 2013 NFL Draft approaches, mock drafts from many different outlets are starting to resemble each other.

Even when the mocks are drastically different, it seems that some analysts are sticking to their mocks almost pick for pick–as is the case with CBS Sports’ Rob Rang over the past couple weeks.

With that said, the Mock Drafts Comparison page has been updated once again, with new mock drafts from’s Daniel Jeremiah and ESPN’s Todd McShay.

Jeremiah makes several interesting implications, such as Geno Smith to the Eagles and surprisingly has the Lions passing on Ziggy Ansah at fifth-overall.

McShay also makes some odd assertions, namely Geno Smith being selected by the Browns at sixth-overall.

Mayock Worries About Ogletree in the NFL

To say that Mike Mayock has his doubts about Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree is an understatement after comments made in an interview with the Daily News‘ Paul Domowitch.

“I’m scared to death about Ogletree, both for on and off the field issues. When you put the tape on, he has no clue what he’s doing. He looks like a safety that somebody plugged inside at inside linebacker. He just runs around.”

Mayock assumes that some conservative-minded GMs will be too worried by Ogletree’s question marks to take a risk on the high-upside, high risk Bulldogs product.

NFL Personnel Man Claims Star Lotulelei Most Overrated Prospect

Mark Eckel of the Newark Star-Ledger spoke of the prospects of Utah tackle Star Lotulelei in an article discussing the top defensive tackles in this year’s draft class. The full quote from a “personnel man from a NFC team” is below:

“He’s not a top five pick, not at all. He’s a good player, but he’s not that good. Somebody will take him higher than he should be taken, because he’s gotten a lot of hype. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great, big run stuffer, but that’s all he is.’’

News like this isn’t great for a former top-five prospect in draft class crowded with talented defensive tackles. With his size and lack of production rushing the passer at Utah (seven sacks in four seasons), there’s a chance that come draft day Lotulelei could drop to the second-half of the first-round–only because a team sees a legitimate nose tackle in him.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a player highly projected is revealed to have been regarded much lower by most teams around the NFL–every year there are several prospects that have much higher draft stock in the media than in reality.


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