Darrelle Revis Likely Headed to Tampa Bay

The Revis trade rumors are coming to a head today, with reports that the Jets cornerback is set to take a physical with the Buccaneers and can also begin contract extension negotiations.

According to multiple news outlets, a trade has been agreed upon between New York and Tampa Bay, contingent on Revis and his agent hammering out an extension with the Buccaneers and Revis’ ACL checking out.

If Revis were to agree to an extension and be traded to Tampa Bay, it would shake up the plans for both the Jets and the Buccaneers — the Jets would be picking up another first-round pick (13th-overall) and Tampa Bay is eliminating a need at cornerback.

New York would now have some flexibility with trading around in the first-round, as even if they trade down with one pick they’ll be able to stay in the first-round with the other pick — and reports are coming out of New York that new GM John Idzik is looking to stock pile picks in the way that his former team (Seattle) did in previous seasons.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay may be giving up their first-round pick, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a first-round pick if they play their cards right. Several teams are looking to trade out of the first-round, and it’s not as if the Buccaneer traded down and didn’t get value — the trade will only happen if an extension is already arranged beforehand, giving Tampa Bay a long term solution at cornerback.

For the full story, see John Clayton’s report below.


It’s becoming clear that the Revis deal is done, and an extension has been agreed to — according to multiple sources.


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