Picking Up The Fifth – Seventh Rounds

Since our coverage was ended a bit prematurely towards the end of the fifth-round, I’m back to finish up each prospect’s quick analysis.

151st pick – Cowboys select Oklahoma St. RB Joseph Randle

Junior 6’0″ 204 lbs 4.59 40-yard

NFL Comparison: Fred Jackson

Randle doesn’t have top-tier speed, but he’s very quick and runs hard. Accelerates well out of the backfield, but still needs to develop vision as a runner.

152nd pick – Giants select Richmond S Taylor Cooper

Redshirt Senior 6’5″ 228 lbs 4.55 40-yard 23 bench reps

A player with a reputation for being a quick learner, Cooper displays good instincts and hard-hitting ability to make up for a lack of elite speed. Plays aggressively and physically.

Has a history of injuries and a medical scare in 2010 has worried scouts.

153rd pick – Falcons select TCU DE Stansly Maponga

Redshirt Junior 6’2″ 256 lbs 4.84 40-yard 30 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Dwight Freeney

Already a good pass-rusher with an excellent spin move, Maponga explodes off the snap.

Likely to play end for Atlanta, but needs to prove he’s more consistent to get playing time.

154th pick – Redskins select Florida St. RB Chris Thompson

Senior 5’7″ 192 lbs 4.42 40-yard 21 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Darren Sproles

Size is a clear issue, but coaches love Thompson’s resiliency — having suffered a major back injury as a junior at Florida State.

Likely will serve as a change of pace and receiving back for Washington.

155th pick – Vikings select UCLA P Jeff Locke

Redshirt Senior 6’1″ 209 lbs

A lefty punter who can likely contribute on kickoffs as well, Locke is the first punter or kicker to go in the 2013 NFL Draft.

156th pick – Bengals select Kansas OT Tanner Hawkinson

Redshirt Senior 6’5″ 298 lbs 5.06 40-yard

NFL Comparison: Steve Maneri

Hawkinson played tight end in high school, and it shows in his athleticism as a tackle. Started 48 straight games for Kansas.

May be more ideal to move back to tight end in the NFL due to strength concerns, like Maneri has done with the Chiefs.

157th pick – 49ers select Alabama DE Quinton Dial

Senior 6’6″ 318 lbs 5.29 40-yard

Touted as a scheme-versatile lineman, Dial is a non-stop attacker who plays aggressively every down.

Very agile for his size, but needs to learn technique to succeed at the NFL-level.

158th pick – Seahawks select Rice TE Luke Willson

Redshirt Senior 6’5″ 251 lbs 4.51 40-yard 23 bench reps

159th pick – Packers select Iowa CB Micah Hyde

Senior 6’0″ 197 lbs 4.52 40-yard 12 bench reps

Played both safety and corner at Iowa, and will likely be treated as a tweener by Green Bay. Has a public intoxication arrest on his record.

160th pick – Rams select Vanderbilt RB Zac Stacy

Senior 5’9″ 216 lbs 4.53 40-yard 27 bench reps

Experienced special teams player. Stacy is a good interior runner who falls forward, but won’t be much of a help in the passing game either as a blocker or receiver.

161st pick – Broncos select Georgia WR Tavarres King

Redshirt Senior 6’0″ 189 lbs 4.40 40-yard 11 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Emmanuel Sanders

Regarded by some as a developmental starter, King has speed and a fluidity to his movement to beat corners deep and excels at beating press coverage.

Inconsistent hands and a lean frame will lead to little playing time as a rookie.

162nd pick – Redskins select Florida St. DE Brandon Jenkins

Senior 6’3″ 251 lbs 5.08 40-yard 18 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Robert Mathis

Jenkins explodes off the edge, but is criticized for having played more as a linebacker than end. Long arms give Jenkins leverage on blockers, but a lack of bulk will be an issue in defending against the run.

163rd pick – Bears select Louisiana Tech OT Jordan Mills

Senior 6’5″ 316 lbs 5.30 40-yard 20 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Ray Willis

Mills played both tackle and guard in college, and may be asked to be a super reserve player. Plays more a strength game than finesse — unlikely to see time on the left side of the line.

164th pick – Dolphins select Florida RB Mike Gillislee

Senior 5’11” 208 lbs 4.48 40-yard 15 bench reps

A good receiver, Gillislee isn’t afraid to block for quarterbacks. Plays much slighter than his build and shies away from contact.

Has the speed to break away, but doesn’t break tackles and needs to learn to hit the hole.

165th pick – Lions select Appalachian State P Sam Martin

166th pick – Dolphins select Florida K Caleb Sturgis

167th pick – Packers select Mississippi St. DE Josh Boyd

Senior 6’3″ 310 lbs 5.14 40-yard 32 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Sen’Derrick Marks

Plays a bit too weak for tackle in a 4-3, but should make a rotational run-stopping end for Green Bay.

168th pick – Ravens select Wisconsin OT Ricky Wagner

Redshirt Senior 6’6″ 308 lbs 5.15 40-yard 20 bench reps

A tough player who performed with a knee injury in 2012, Wagner was a walk-on at Wisconsin who earned his playing time. Should make for good depth and could develop as a starting right tackle.

6th Round

169th pick – Jaguars select Florida S Josh Evans

Senior 6’1″ 207 lbs 4.54 40-yard

NFL Comparison: Reshad Jones

Evans reads plays well, attacking the ball carrier when he senses a run play. He is aggressive on jump balls, but often allows receivers to catch the ball rather than risk blowing an attempt at an interception.

170th pick – Chiefs select California (PA) C Eric Kush

Redshirt Senior 6’4″ 304 lbs

Kush was projected undrafted.

171st pick – Lions select Virginia Tech WR Corey Fuller

Redshirt Senior 6’2″ 204 lbs 4.32 40-yard 12 bench reps

Very fast and a hard worker, Fuller is a developmental receiver.

172nd pick – Raiders select Colorado TE Nick Kasa

Senior 6’6″ 269 lbs 4.71 40-yard 22 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Kevin Boss

Already a competent blocker, with size and speed on his side — a potential playmaker with some work.

173rd pick – Broncos select Virginia Tech OT Vinston Painter

Redshirt Senior 6’4″ 306 lbs 4.90 40-yard 32 bench reps

174th pick – Cardinals select Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope

Redshirt Senior 6’0″ 205 lbs 4.28 40-yard 16 bench reps

Shows remarkable awareness for a young receiver and has great possession skills.

175th pick – Browns select Notre Dame S Jamoris Slaughter

Redshirt Senior 6’0″ 195 lbs 4.57 40-yard

Good athlete with a presence in both the run and pass games. Has durability concerns.

176th pick – Texans select San Jose St. OT David Quessenberry

Redshirt Senior 6’5″ 302 lbs 5.06 40-yard 25 bench reps

Another former tight end, Quessenberry is both athletic and muscular for his size — he has developmental upside as either a tackle or guard.

177th pick – Bills select Florida St. K Dustin Hopkins

178th pick – Jets select Michigan OG William Campbell

Senior 6’4″ 311 lbs

179th pick – Chargers select Florida International DE Tourek Williams

Senior 6’3″ 260 lbs 4.74 40-yard 25 bench reps

180th pick – 49ers select Florida St. OLB Nick Moody

Redshirt Senior 6’1″ 236 lbs 4.70 40-yard 17 bench reps

181st pick – Raiders select Central Florida RB Latavius Murray

Redshirt Senior 6’3″ 223 lbs 4.39 40-yard

Murray has an incredible track record with holding onto the ball, with only one fumble  in 453 rushing attempts.

182nd pick – Panthers select Oregon RB Kenjon Barner

Redshirt Senior 5’9″ 196 lbs 4.39 40-yard 20 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Joe McKnight

Experienced with returners and a capable pass-catcher. Has struggled with fumbles.

183rd pick – Saints select Tarleton St. DE Rufus Johnson

Redshirt Senior 6’5″ 272 lbs

184th pick – Raiders select Tennessee TE Mychal Rivera

Redshirt Senior 6’3″ 242 lbs 4.78 40-yard 17 bench reps

Rivera is known for making near-impossible catches and displays both good route-running and solid hands. Very poor blocker at this point.

185th pick – Cowboys select South Carolina OLB DeVonte Holloman

Senior 6’2″ 243 lbs 4.71 40-yard 15 bench reps

He’s very instinctual, yet Holloman often lacks the physical ability to make plays on his reads.

186th pick – Steelers select Oklahoma WR Justin Brown

Senior 6’3″ 207 lbs

187th pick – Cardinals select Clemson RB Andre Ellington

Redshirt Senior 5’9″ 199 lbs 4.54 40-yard

Ellington frustrates attackers with quick cuts and an ability to stop and start, but needs to learn to let his linemen do more work and set up blocks.

188th pick – Bears select Georgia OLB Cornelius Washington

Redshirt Senior 6’4″ 265 lbs 4.53 40-yard 36 bench reps

Flexible player, who can serve both as 4-3 end and pass-rushing lienbacker. Has some off-the-field concerns.

189th pick – Buccaneers select Miami RB Mike James

Senior 5’11” 223 lbs 4.50 40-yard 28 bench reps

More of a plodder than a true runner, James saw time both as a pass-catching fullback and lead blocker in his time at Miami.

190th pick – Bengals select Nebraska RB Rex Burkhead

Senior 5’10” 214 lbs 4.65 40-yard 21 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Peyton Hillis

Burkhead runs hard and is built sturdy. While he may not have quite the size of Hillis or the experience at fullback, Burkhead has the ability to mirror Hillis’ impact as a tough runner.

191st pick – Redskins select Georgia S Bacarri Rambo

Redshirt Senior 6’1″ 211 lbs 4.57 40-yard 17 bench reps

Rambo is an aggressive tackler who reads the offense well and makes plays at both safety positions.

He has had off-the-field issues, including suspensions due to failed drug tests in 2012.

192nd pick – Colts select Oregon S John Boyett

Redshirt Senior 5’10” 204 lbs 4.64 40-yard 27 bench reps

Short stature may limit Boyett’s impact in the NFL. Possesses good ball skills and can read teh quarterback, but injury concerns are a problem.

193rd pick – Packers select Illinois St. LB Nate Palmer

Redshirt Senior 6’2″ 248 lbs 4.73 40-yard

194th pick – Seahawks select LSU RB Spencer Ware

Junior 5’10” 228 lbs 4.63 40-yard

195th pick – Texans select Jacksonville St. WR Alan Bonner

Senior 5’10” 193 lbs 4.50 40-yard 14 bench reps

196th pick – Vikings select UCLA OG Jeff Baca

Redshirt Senior 6’4″ 302 lbs 4.98 40-yard

While Baca handles bull-rushers well, he has difficulty dealing with finesse rushers. Ideally a guard at the professional level.

197th pick – Bengals select Arkansas WR Cobi Hamilton

Senior 6’2″ 212 lbs 4.50 40-yard 11 bench reps

Fluid receiver who can gain yardage after the catch. Will get in trouble with fumbling when trying to gain yards and has a history of concussion problems.

198th pick – Texans select Bowling Green DT Chris Jones

Senior 6’2″ 302 lbs 5.25 40-yard 30 bench reps

199th pick – Lions select Notre Dame RB Theo Riddick

Senior 5’10” 201 lbs 4.68 40-yard

200th pick – Ravens select Notre Dame DE Kapron Lewis-Moore

Redshirt Senior 6’4″ 298 lbs 4.95 40-yard

Athletic for his size and plays hard, Lewis-Moore has a history of injuries (including a torn ACL in the BCS Title Game earlier this year).

201st pick – Texans select Connecticut TE Ryan Griffin

Redshirt Senior 6’6″ 261 lbs 4.90 40-yard

202nd pick – Titans select Nevada CB Khalid Wooten

Redshirt Senior 5’11” 210 lbs 4.43 40-yard 17 bench reps

203rd pick – Ravens select Colorado St.-Pueblo OT Ryan Jensen

Senior 6’4″ 317 lbs 5.23 40-yard 30 bench reps

204th pick – Chiefs select Kansas St. FB Braden Wilson

Redshirt Senior 6’4″ 251 lbs 4.78 40-yard 22 bench reps

205th pick – Raiders select Oklahoma DT Stacy McGee

Redshirt Senior 6’3″ 308 lbs

206th pick – Steelers select Florida St. LB Vince Williams

7th Round (notable picks are detailed)

207th pick – Chiefs select Princeton DE Mike Catapano

208th pick – Jaguars select New Mexico St. CB Jeremy Harris

209th pick – Raiders select San Diego St. WR Brice Butler

210th pick – Jaguars select Appalachian St. CB Demetrius McCray

211th pick – Lions select Alabama TE Michael Williams

Redshirt Senior 6’10” 278 lbs 5.20 40-yard

NFL Comparison: Jake Ballard

An exceptional blocker, Williams may develop into a pass-catcher with the proper coaching.

212th pick – Eagles select Utah DE Joe Kruger

Junior 6’6″ 269 lbs 4.81 40-yard 24 bench reps

Brother of Cleveland ‘backer Paul Kruger, Joe plays with intensity and has a great work ethic. Versatile, could play 4-3 end or 3-4 end if coached properly.

213th pick – Vikings select Penn State LB Michael Mauti

Redshirt Senior 6’2″ 243 lbs 4.83 40-yard 28 bench reps

Mauti plays instinctually and reads offenses in a way to make up for less than great athletic ability. Durability is questionable.

214th pick – Vikings select North Carolina OG Travis Bond

215th pick – Jets select Wake Forest FB Tommy Bohanon

216th pick – Packers select Grand Valley St. WR Charles Johnson

217th pick – Browns select East Central DE Armonty Bryant

218th pick – Eagles select Oregon State CB Jordan Poyer

Senior 6’0″ 191 lbs 4.50 40-yard 8 bench reps

Good sized corner who has the ability to take on taller receivers in coverage. Poyer is a willing run defender who has experience with special teams and has played both man and zone coverage.

219th pick – Cardinals select Rutgers TE D.C. Jefferson

220nd pick – Seahawks select Vanderbilt OG Ryan Seymour

221st pick – Chargers select Southern Utah QB Brad Sorenson

222nd pick – Bills select Arkansas TE Chris Gragg

223rd pick – Steelers select Samford DT Nick Williams

224th pick – Packers select Maryland WR Kevin Dorsey

225th pick – Giants select Ohio OG Eric Herman

226th pick – Patriots select Illinois DE Michael Buchanan

Senior 6’6″ 255 lbs 4.71 40-yard 22 bench reps

Buchanan is a versatile player that will fit well within New England’s hybrid defense. With the ability to use his body to get a jump on blockers, Buchanan should be able to get leverage both as a stand-up rusher or with his hand in the dirt.

227th pick – Browns select Chadron St. OT Garrett Gilkey

228th pick – Redskins select Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison

Redshirt Sophomore 5’8″ 203 lbs 4.62 40-yard 20 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Ray Rice

Jamison is an elusive runner capable of getting yardage between the tackles and is a capable pass-catcher. Undersized, but runs hard and makes tacklers miss.

229th pick – Vikings select Florida St. DT Everett Dawkins

Redshirt Senior 6’2″ 292 lbs 5.01 40-yard 23 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Greg Scruggs

Dawkins is athletic for his size and utilizes both a bull-rush and swim move. Although he may not make for a great run-stuffer, Dawkins should be able to create an interior pass-rush as a rotational lineman for Minnesota.

230th pick – Colts select Utah St. RB Kerwynn Williams

231st pick – Seahawks select Harding DE Ty Powell

232nd pick – Packers select South Florida LB Sam Barrington

233rd pick – Raiders select Missouri Western DE David Bass

234th pick – Broncos select Miami (Ohio) QB Zac Dysert

Redshirt Senior 6’3″ 231 lbs 4.83 40-yard

NFL Comparison: Josh McCown

Judged by many to be a mid-round pick, Denver took Dysert late as another option to last-year pick Brock Osweiler. Can throw on the move and is a good athlete, but needs to learn to take snaps under-center rather than only in shotgun — with teaching could be a starter in the future.

235th pick – Patriots select Rutgers LB Steve Beauharnais

236th pick – Bears select Washington St. WR Marquess Wilson

Junior 6’3″ 194 lbs 4.45 40-yard 7 bench reps

Wilson can burn corners with deceptive speed, who uses placement and vertical ability to beat corners on jump balls.

237th pick – 49ers select South Florida QB B.J. Daniels

238th pick – Ravens select Elon WR Aaron Mellette

239th pick – Eagles select Oklahoma DE David King

240th pick – Bengals select Ohio St. OT Reid Fragel

Senior 6’8″ 308 lbs 5.09 40-yard 33 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Brandon Mosley

Like Mosley, Fragel is a former tight end. He has ideal size and is athletic for his frame, while not sacrificing strength — however his footwork and technique need to improve if he’s going to make it as a tackle.

241st pick – Seahawks select New Hampshire DT Jared Smith

242nd pick – Seahawks select NE Oklahoma St. OT Michael Bowie

243rd pick – Falcons select Central Florida DB Kemal Ishmael

244th pick – Falcons select Notre Dame S Zeke Motta

Senior 6’2″ 213 lbs 4.75 40-yard 11 bench reps

NFL Comparison: Craig Dahl

Motta is already a proficient run-defending safety with a good back-pedal that will serve him well in combating poor straight-line speed. Should make a good special teams player if not a starter.

245th pick – Lions select Florida A&M LB Brandon Hepburn

246th pick – 49ers select Iowa St. OT Carter Bykowski

247th pick – Ravens select California CB Marc Anthony

Redshirt Senior 6’0″ 196 lbs 4.59 40-yard 12 bench reps

Anthony has good size for the position and long arms that aid in winning jump balls against receivers. Anticipates routes and makes hard tackles — proven by his production over three years as a starter.

Does tend to get caught up trying to jar the ball out instead of taking runners down and has issues biting on fakes and double moves from receivers.

248th pick – Titans select Nebraska S Daimion Stafford

249th pick – Falcons select Duke QB Sean Renfree

250th pick – Dolphins select Arkansas St. S Don Jones

251st pick – Bengals select South Carolina C T.J. Johnson

252nd pick – 49ers select Rutgers CB Marcus Cooper

253rd pick – Giants select Massachusetts RB Michael Cox

254th pick – Colts select South Carolina TE Justice Cunningham

And with that, we’ve covered every pick! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for team-by-team breakdowns of how each team fared in the draft.


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