About The NFL Draft Report

Dan Allen is an aspiring journalist previously employed by the Poughkeepsie Journal at the local sports desk. A graduate of Marist College’s sports communication program, Dan is a life-long sports fan and created The NFL Draft Report as a way of displaying a joining of journalistic analysis of the NFL and the passion of a football fan.

Every Friday, Dan writes a column summing up important features around the league and in the NCAA here on NFL DR. Additionally, Dan writes for Bleacher Report.

The goal of The NFL Draft Report is to bring the reader a condensed version of news on the internet regarding NFL teams, NFL players and college players who are entering the NFL Draft. In this process, NFL DR will be compiling information from pay sites like ESPN Insider and Pro Football Focus while also bringing news and analysis from a diverse group of sites (ESPN, CBS Sports, NFL.com and Yahoo! Sports for example) into one place for readers to get one succinct report.

To this point, NFL DR will be doing several features:

  • Daily Links — news from around the web
  • Quick Hits — Small reports on news around the NFL and NCAA
  • Mock drafts — NFL DR will periodically be publishing mock drafts
  • Comparing mock drafts — taking analysts’ mock drafts and breaking down why each player was picked, including exclusive pay-for-view sites like ESPN Insider
  • Past Drafts — this segment is based upon the past two draft classes of each NFL team, analyzing how each pick has panned out so far
  • Propect Analysis — analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and potential draft stock of individual NFL prospects
  • Special segments — when a big event, like free-agency or the trade deadline, occurs, special coverage is posted to analyze the moves in the NFL
  • Complete coverage of the NFL Draft — for every pick, up-to-date information and analysis will be up on NFL Draft Reports

Former Contributors

Sean Quarterman

Sean Quarterman is a sophomore quarterback at Millersville University. You can follow him at @SeanQuarterman on Twitter or read his blog Diamond Finder Scouting over on Blogger.

Joseph Guastelluccia

Joseph Guastelluccia is a freshman defensive back at the University of Buffalo. Joseph posts frequently on his Twitter account over at @JoeyG3113.

NFL DR is always looking for contributors to help make this a better site. If you’re an enthusiastic fan with some writing chops, don’t be afraid to speak up!


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